Shiplap Love?


CE1C9835-8B48-47CB-9A81-256EC0EBBE58Shiplap…..are you one of those people that love it or hate it?  Or are you just over it?  Truly I could never be over shiplap!  I love it, it can add so much depth to a room, add some texture and it really can transform a space.  I think I fell in love with shiplap in my first house!  You remember that 1897 beauty I keep mentioning!   That house had the cutest shiplap in the enclosed front porch!  Literally swooning remembering those mornings sitting on that porch drinking my morning cup of coffee!!!   My old soul was in absolute heaven!!!

I dreamed of adding some character to this house as soon I walked through it the first time.  The one thing this house lacks is individuality.  Now, I get it, shiplap isn’t really adding individuality because so many homes have a shiplap statement wall.  But I still loved the idea and I knew our dining room needed something for some depth!  So… guessed it, shiplap it was!  So we decided to make our own shiplap!  Have you ever looked at the pricing for actual “shiplap,” it is insanely priced!  I can’t remember the pricing off the top of my head but no way were we spending that much!  So I asked my husband if we could just use sanded plywood.  We had used sanded plywood for a few other projects in our home and it worked perfectly!  So we thought we’d give it a go!  I can’t  remember exactly what thickness we went with, but it was the thinnest sanded plywood our store had, I’m guessing a quarter of an inch.

My husband also works a crazy schedule and our full days with him are very limited, so we decided we’d measure everything and just go to Home Depot and have them cut everything for us! Again, we’ve had Home Depot help us with cutting wood before!  It saves so much time, plus they have these carts that look like race cars!  So entertainment for our four year old and we save time and energy having them make our cuts for us, so it’s a total win for everyone!  So after we had all of our wood cut for us at the width and height we wanted, we got home and went for it!


We used nickels for spacers and just started laying them out and nailing them in with our nail gun.  We also taped the walls before we started laying the shiplap, that way everything would be ready for painting after we were done.


Once the wall was finished, I used caulk to fill all the nail holes. I let that dry over night and then painted the walls with Behr’s Marquee Matte Finish in Silky White.  That’s it!  Super easy project to get done in a weekend and totally transform a room!


I hope someone else enjoys this fun shiplap wall as much as I do.  Still swooning over it.


Janae Lee

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