Must Have Basics from Target

I am constantly on the hunt for finding basic wardrobe pieces that transition throughout all of the seasons.  I truly believe finding great basics helps the rest of your wardrobe fall into place! As spring is finally hitting the great state of North Dakota, I have been looking for some new basic T-shirt’s and denim!

I am a sucker for comfy loose fitting T-shirt’s that stand the test of mom life! I’m talking food smears, little hands pulling, and basically exercising throughout the day and still look great!  I love a good basic T-shirt that I can layer throughout the spring and fall months.  I happened to be shopping at Target to get your typical essentials (ok let’s be honest it was for me to roam quietly while my child ate popcorn and I shopped in silence). Before I knew it I had an entire armful of Universal Thread T-shirts (how can you say no to two T-shirt’s for fourteen dollars).  So I snagged a couple of shirts in different sizes and colors and ran home to try them out!


I loved these T-shirt’s so much I actually went back a few days later to snag a couple of more and also decided to try a pair of Universal Thread mid rise jeggings!  I am all for a great T-shirt and a great pair of denim, especially when the prices are such a steal!  I topped the style off with a pair of sandals I picked up at Target on vacation a few months ago and a darling purse (also from Target).  I got this entire look for under $100!


One thing I love about these T-shirt’s is how well they wash up and how comfortable they are!  They will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe! I also bought a couple of the shirts a size bigger than my normal size, so I could knot them, as seen in the photos above.

Below are the links to all of the items in the photos!

T-Shirt (now on sale for $5 each!!!!):

Similar denim:



Hat (similar):

Hope you enjoyed this post of my current favorite basic pieces from Target!




3 thoughts on “Must Have Basics from Target

  1. I have these sandals & they are soooooooo good!!!! Lol. These are all great finds Janae & you are adorable as usual. Love you 😘


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