My Lash Journey

My lash obsession started about two years ago when I saw my hairdressers lash extensions.  They were so beautiful, long wispy, full, and in that moment I knew I wanted to try lash extensions for myself.  My obsession and journey really started the moment I saw the lashes on myself for the first time!  I couldn’t wait to save myself an extra few minutes in the morning not having to worry about putting on mascara.  Or goodness still looking fabulous without putting on any makeup during those busy morning hustles with a toddler.  I was obsessed!  Every two weeks I would go in and get my lashes filled.  This went on for about 14 months.  Then last fall I started developing a reaction to the bond used for lash extensions.  My eyelids would get a little puffy and irritated.  This would subside after the first couple of days.  I continued going every two weeks, even though it still irritated my eyelids.  After a few months of a minor reaction the reaction became worse.  So we tried a “sensitive” bond instead.  My reaction was even worse to this.  My eyelids were so swollen, I could barely open them.  My wonderful lash tech told me we needed to remove the lashes immediately.  Upon removing the lashes, a couple of days later my eyes were back to normal!  Thank goodness!  But unfortunately this meant I was no longer a candidate for lash extensions due to my reaction to the bond used.  I was devastated.  My natural lashes were short stubby and bare (naturally I had long curled lashes).  They were so short and stubby and I was devastated.  I was so accustomed to seeing myself with these thick long lashes that going to damaged lashes was a  horrible experience for me.  I immediately started trying anything I could get my hands on to give me the look I missed.  Also, thanks for listening Facebook, because all I saw on my feed were advertisements for lash products for a good few months.  So during this fun time, I tried a plethora of products from magnetic lashes, strip lashes, to magnetic eyeliner and lashes.  It took me awhile of trial and error before I found a product that worked for me and that I was so thankful to come across.  Below I have listed all the products I tried during this part of my lash journey.  I have rated them on the following scale 1-worst to 5-best on the following items:  Application process, overall look, longevity of wear, how many uses per set, damage to lashes and price point.  I will also include the links to each product in case you want to try them on your very own lash journey.

1.) Lash Extensions- I loved having lash extensions!  They saved me time in the mornings and I loved the look of them.  Despite all the love I had for them they were expensive, the application process was time consuming (the application process took an hour to a two hour appointment every two weeks depending on how many lashes I would lose) and allergies can develop from the bond used even after you’ve had them for years.    Out of all the products I have personally tried lash extensions have been the most damaging!  So even though I loved the look of lash extensions, the damage and reaction I developed from the bond was clearly not worth it!

  • Application Process-1
  • Overall Look- 5
  • Longevity- 3
  • Damaging- 3, most damaging
  • Price Point- 1, most expensive

Find a lash tech that you trust and has good reviews!

First time getting lash extensions!
12 Hours after application, it was this reaction that had me give up lash extensions for good!  

2.) Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Combo Kits- I personally tried three different brands of magnetic liner and lash combos.  The only one out of the three I’ll even recommend or mention in this post are the ones by Tori Belle Cosmetics.  The other ones I tried the liner was thick and tacky and near impossible to get on smoothly and then the magnetic lashes either looked so fake or there weren’t enough magnets to adhere to the liner and they’d pop off.  The Tori Belle liner/lashes were really great!  The application process was fairly easy for me,  it took me roughly 15 minutes to apply the liner and the lashes.  The longevity was good as well, they did last throughout the day.  They have about 20 uses per set, which is great for the price point.  Honestly my only complaint about this product is the fact I personally don’t like wearing black eyeliner or any eyeliner and felt I needed a full face of makeup for these to look great and they did feel a little heavy on my eyes.  I highly recommend them for a night out though!  There was also no damage to natural lashes!  Yay!

  • Application Process- 3
  • Overall Look- 2
  • Longevity- 4
  • Damaging- 5, no damage!
  • Price Point- 4, comes out to about $2.75 per use!

Wearing the 9-5 Magnetic Lash Bundle from Tori Belle Cosmetics . 

3.) Silly George Magnetic Lashes-  I honestly loved these magnetic lashes!  The application process was fairly easy, but may take a couple of tries to position them correctly!  Overall look was fairly natural once positioned correctly!  The price point was phenomenal and worth at least trying them! They last all day, but the magnets are very fragile and I lost magnets when removing them from my eyelid on a pair.  Overall out of all the magnetic lashes I tried theirs were the best!

  • Application Process- 2
  • Overall Look- 4
  • Longevity- 3
  • Damaging- 5, no damage!
  • Price Point- 4, great price!

The Magnetic Lash – Redesigned!

Wearing Silly George, dailies, my favorite set of theirs!

4.) Esqido Mink Strip Lashes- I loved these mink strip lashes!  They were so easy to apply.  I loved their price point and overall longevity of product.  They looked great and I was so impressed with their quality!  For a day to night wear these would be my top pick if you were looking for something less permanent!  Also, no damage to natural lashes!

  • Application Process- 4
  • Overall Look- 3
  • Longevity- 3
  • Damaging- 5, no damage!
  • Price Point- 4

Companion Eyelash Glue

Wearing Esqido mink lashes, unfortunately I can’t remember which ones these are!

5.) Lashify-  If you are looking for a product that is customizable, can last longer than a day and has the look that more closely resembles lash extensions, then look no further!  Lashify has been by far my favorite product I have tried to date and will be the product I will continue to use in the future as for their longevity and ability to customize my own look!  The application process may take a little while to get the hang of, but this company has phenomenal customer service, as well as one on one calls to help you with application, as well as a phenomenal Facebook group with tips and tricks!  They have a monthly membership program to help you save money as well!  After my first day of trying their products I signed up for their membership!  You can’t feel the lashes when wearing them, they look natural, their flexible, and again you can customize any look you’re going for!  Need a bolder look for a night out, you can create it, want a more natural look, they’ve got you covered!  I can’t wait to continue to experiment with these lashes and create fun and new looks!!!  I honestly wish I knew about these before I ever got lash extensions, because I would’ve been sold!

  • Application Process- 2, there is a learning curve, but tons of support through their customer service and Facebook Group!
  • Overall Look- 5
  • Longevity- 5, these last longer than my extensions, and if I lose a lash I can instantly fix them, rather than wait for my next fill appointment!
  • Damaging- 5, no damage to natural lashes!
  • Price Point- 2, not the cheapest, but I also believe you get what you pay for!  These were still cheaper than my lash extensions and fills.  With their membership program you can get them discounted!  The set I’m currently wearing (C’s) in the photo below, have lasted me 5 days and 4 nights and their still going strong through showering, workouts, chasing a busy toddler around, and wind and rain!  So definitely worth it just for the longevity!

Follow this link to save $20 off your first control kit with Lashify:

Wearing C12 and C14 from my control kit with Lashify!

Overall, I had a lot of fun trying all these different products and would recommend each of them depending on what you are looking to accomplish!  Good luck on your own lash journey lash addicts!



Janae Lee

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