Birthday Shenanigans

DE90EDE3-6390-4091-83E1-9B4B079D2C74Goodness, another year older, another year wiser?  Since becoming a mom, the years just roll by.  This season of my life is flying by, I swear I was just graduating high school, a young girl ready to experience the world and ready to show my independence, yesterday.  But nope, alas, here I am just turning 33.  33!!!!!  When did this even happen!?  Birthdays have changed, still important, but important in new ways.  So thankful to be alive, to be in this new season of life, and thankful for another year, albeit challenging as it has been.  Motherhood is challenging, and the days tend to race by.  So here we are another year older, another year of learning, another year of motherhood.  Another year flown by!

My birthday this year was busy!  I woke up to a sweet little face that gave me big hugs and birthday wishes!  We then had to dash to the vet where one of our dogs had to go in for dental surgery.  A tough place for a busy boy to sit still.  My busy boy informed the entire vet office it was my birthday, and everyone was wishing me birthday wishes.  The introvert in me was dying on the inside.  But seeing how excited my son was for my birthday, I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the moment.  The rest of the day was filled with a stop to my favorite restaurant, ice cream, appointments, and more ice cream.

So another year older, another birthday spent but this time instead of enjoying it for myself, I enjoyed it through my sons eyes.  Remembering the joy of birthdays as a child and continuing to instill that in my little man.  These birthdays are coming faster, and this season of my life is flying by too quickly.  So here I am soaking in the good, my son is still always wanting to match clothes with me, gives me the sweetest hugs and I know these moments will change.  So I will soak in another year of this season of life, grow and be thankful for all the beautiful blessings my life currently has!

Here are the outfit details for this darling outfit I put together celebrating another season and birthday of my busy life!


Dress:  This summer dress is my favorite of all time!  It has working buttons all the way down and is so flattering!  It is also currently 60% off!

Denim Jacket:  So I had been wearing the same denim jacket since my senior year in high school!  But I finally decided to get something new and found this darling girlfriend fit jacket from Abercrombie and I had been eyeing it for some time!  It finally went on sale and I had to snatch it!  It is amazing!  Hopefully this one lasts a good 15 years like my last one did!

Shoes: I am obsessed with pops of color in the summer and these darling sandals from the loft did just that for me for this outfit!  They’re also 40% off right now!

I hope everyone’s month is starting off perfectly and you’re all beginning to enjoy the summer season!


Janae Lee



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